Meet The Team


The Ripple Pond was set up by Julia Molony and Sue Hawkins who recognised the need for local self-help support groups for the adult family members of physically or emotionally injured service personnel and veterans. The charity was set up with the main aim of providing a space to express feelings safely, in a non-judgemental environment, ​​where ​​everyone can be heard.

It does not matter what the ‘injury’ is. It can be physical, emotional (such as PTSD) or both. The fact that a loved one has been ‘injured’ in any way is a shock. Knowing they are home and alive does not mean we do not feel angry, scared, and sad or a mixture of all these feelings at any given time. Our world has been changed by an event beyond our control and the need to have someone reach out and listen to our story, however many times we need to tell it, to have someone ​​bear witness to our distress can be very healing.

Julia's Story...

Julia's Story...


I felt isolated from the regimental welfare system and very alone.
There were few people with whom I could freely talk about how I felt.
The Ripple Pond has enabled me to talk about the pain and difficulties since my son’s accident, which has enabled me to move on and deal with the impact on our lives that his injury has had.
Sue's Story...

Sue's Story...


As next of kin, the knock on the door in May 2010 was the first I knew about our son’s injury. While he was having life-saving surgery in Camp Bastion, we were taken up to Birmingham to support him on his return from Afghanistan.

When he began his rehabilitation the shock of the previous months hit me hard. At this point I Iost all confidence, preventing me from phoning for help. I will never ever forget how this affected me and vowed then that I would do anything I could to improve support for future ‘injured families’.
The Ripple Pond has helped me validate this traumatic experience and gradually I am coming to terms with our new ‘normality’.

The Ripple Pond provides avenues for self-help and support

Uncomplicated… Holistic… Local… Pro-active

Wullie Ritchie


Appointed as Director of The Ripple Pond, I look after the day to day management of the charity since of April 2016.

I am a retired Royal Marine having served for 35 years, so fully understand the various aspects of military life that The Ripple Pond gets involved in. I have also seen at very close hand that injuries received by service personnel can impact not only the service member but their close family.

I believe The Ripple Pond is unique in the support that it provides and it is vitally important to ensure that this continues, which is why I wanted to work for them.

Julia and Sue have done a fantastic job setting things up. My intent along with the rest of the team, is to ensure that the service The Ripple Pond provides carries on and expands where opportunities and funding allow.

Vicky Harris-Hodges

Contact: or 07586 576889

Vicky, as Manager at The Ripple Pond, started in June 2015 and has since devoted herself to learning about and enhancing the various support networks within the charity.

Her role includes day-to-day administration, being a point of contact for new members and enquiries, and supporting Group Administrators and existing members as required.

Vicky plays an important role in the recent branding and website for The Ripple Pond. Vicky has four children and her husband serves in the RAF. In her spare time she enjoys singing with the Military Wives Choir and (watching) rugby.

Alison Roberts

Assistant Manager
Contact: or 07825 296712

Alison is Assistant Manager and started at The Ripple Pond in November 2015.

She plays a key role taking the majority of new member enquires and networking in the South West. Alison has two children and two cats and has been an Army wife for over 20 years and counting, living in both in the UK and overseas. Away from work she enjoys walking and the theatre.

Kim Hay

Media & Marketing Administrator
Contact: or 07825 223376

Kim Hay joined the The Ripple Pond team in April 2017 as the Media & Marketing Administrator.

Her role is to facilitate communication between the head office, its members and their peers through Social Media. Furthermore highlighting The Ripple Pond’s unique peer-led support groups to a greater audience. She is married to a Cavalry Officer and with him and their two young children has been posted locally and abroad. Together they set up a Regimental Welfare Space for new mothers and wives during one of their postings.

Her general interest lies in the welfare of young mothers and wives within the army. Other interests include publishing, Pilates, ParkRunUK and now a novice speed sprint athlete to raise awareness & funds for The Ripple Pond!!