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The Ripple Pond was set up by two mothers of seriously wounded servicemen who recognised that no similar service existed purely for adult family members, and who found strength and comfort by sharing and supporting each other through such a unique challenge.

What sets this organisation apart is that we empower each member to seek support when they need it most, in ways that are helpful for them – whether that is via group meetings, ‘buddies’ or via our secret Facebook page.

Many members are facing similar situations and The Ripple Pond gives them a safe space, both physically and mentally, to deal with them.

Whether your loved one is currently serving full time, as a reservist, a veteran, or whether they have been officially diagnosed or not we will show you a warm welcome and support you through your challenges.

Donations help to support groups and enable us to maintain links with organisations supporting injured service personnel and veterans and their families.

Donations ensure membership to The Ripple Pond remains free and accessible to all.

Please giftaid your donation so we can reclaim 25% extra at no additional cost to yourself.

The Ripple Pond provides avenues for self-help and support

Uncomplicated. Confidential. Local. Judgement-Free

Latest News

The Ripple Pond Awarded Over £24,000 by The Soldiers Charity

The Ripple Pond have been awarded over £24,000 to aid the families and friends of wounded soldiers ABF, The Soldiers’ Charity has awarded a grant of £24,598 to The Ripple Pond, a charity that assists the families and friends of wounded service...

Be Part of the Future of Veteran’s Support

Looking ahead to the next ten years, the UK Government Strategy for Our Veterans sets the intent for delivery of public services to Veterans across the UK. The consultations that will follow this publication will use the best ideas to establish how to make this...


The support network, The Ripple Pond, has seen families from a naval background thrive after funding from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC). Following an RNRMC grant of £5,000 last year, The Ripple Pond has reported that the ‘self-help support network’...


The Remembrance poppy begins to be seen throughout the country and on the media. For awhile The Ripple Pond have been talking of Remembrance, how it ties in with how we operate as a charity, who we meet and what our members use to describe what they are going through....

Tragedy & Hope From Our Members

This week a Ripple Pond Member sadly told us the news that her partner had decided to take his own life. He was no longer serving in the Armed Forces but had left carrying emotional injuries that his family were also living alongside. Family members are privy to...

TRAUMA: It’s Not Us, It’s The Others

by Major Nicholas Garland ©2018 Trauma affects people in many ways. It has an understood impact on the brain, which can sometimes result in PTSD.  This article is not about the sufferers of the trauma, specifically military attributed trauma, it is about those who...

Forces Wives Challenge for The Ripple Pond

The Ripple Pond are thrilled to announce a partnership with Forces Wives Challenge for Armed Forces Day 2018. Forces Wives Challenge is a 'network of wives and partners throughout the country who come together to seek adventure and create, organise and participate in...

The Ripple Pond Day at Tower of London

The Ripple Pond Team had an inspiring day at the Tower of London earlier this month, championing some of our strong wives and partners of (ex)Service Personnel. Co-Founder Julia Molony wished to highlight the work of Group Administrators who help provide members with...

**Job Alert ** – Group Development Officer

The Ripple Pond is a small Military charity that provides support for the adult family members of injured service personnel, veterans and reservists. We require an additional part time staff member (25 hrs per week) to complement our small team based in Aldershot. The...

5×5 with BeGlad Founder Polly Charnley

Polly set up BeGlad 'to bring you as many stories as possible of good coming out of bad and reasons to Be Glad. The fact of the matter is that bad things happen, life is not fair and we can't be happy all the time. However, if you practice stopping any negatives...

If you feel you are struggling or you feel isolated, often face-to-face meetings will enable you to share your story with others who have similar experiences. Different types of support are required at various times in our recovery.

These peer-led, self-help groups meet regularly with the main aim of providing a space to express feelings safely, in a non-judgemental environment, where everyone can be heard.
Meetings are held throughout the UK.

To access the channels of support available you need to first become a member, this is a very easy and quick process.
We are a charity so there is no financial charge to our members.

“This group is a godsend, people here really get the situation we are all in, it’s different for everyone but the feelings are the same, it helps you cope and feel supported in the daily challenge we all face”