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Reflections from our CEO

I recently attended the Forces in Mind and the Veterans Health Conferences in London.

Organised by King's Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR) and sponsored by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), this year's conference explored various topics around military health, with speakers from the UK and across the globe.

What struck me about the events was that families are now featured more and more in conversations about veterans' health and there is acknowledgement that if you want better health and social outcomes for veterans, support the whole family, not just the individual. It makes more sense clinically, socially, and financially.


During the conference, Her Royal Highness Princess Royal spoke passionately to 250 delegates working in military mental health research, veteran and family support, and policymakers. The Princess Royal touched on the importance of continued research into the veterans' health and its positive impact on the whole community. She recognised families' vital role in helping veterans recover from physical and psychological injuries.

The conference also welcomed a great advocate for the work of The Ripple Pond, Right Honourable Johnny Mercer MP, Minister for Veterans' Affairs, who shared an update on the latest from the Office for Veteran's Affairs. It was also good to see him highlighting the role of families in the veteran community.


The Ripple Pond also wishes to congratulate the wonderful Professor Walter Busuttil, consultant psychiatrist, visiting Professor at King’s College London in the King's Centre for Military Health Research and Director of Research at Combat Stress for his Lifetime Achievement Award recently presented by The Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) Research Centre. This is in recognition of his leadership and dedication to research that benefits ex-service personnel and their families.

Walter is an exceptional power for good; when you meet him, you cannot help but be infected by his warmth and enthusiasm. It would be hard to find another single person who has done so much to improve the lives of veterans and their families in this country.

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